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the babynevolat connects you to others, fosters new friendships and is good for your mind and body while bringing you pleasure and fulfillment in your life. Do not hesitate to come and share your skills and thus fill the need to feel useful. Voluntary activity makes it possible to meet passionate and motivated people who share at least one same value: that of self-sacrifice.

  • Centre d’action bénévole de Montréal (CABM)
    The Volunteer Center of Montreal (CABM) promotes volunteer action among the Montreal population and strengthens the practice within the organizations on its territory. It supports the Meals on Wheels and Community Meals services affiliated with its network.
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  • is the provincial platform for matching volunteer centers and non-profit organizations (OSBL) with volunteers. Administered by the Federation of Volunteer Centers, the site presents volunteer offers with search tools and filters allowing the pairing between organizations and individuals in order to fill volunteer human resources. We therefore invite you to visit our site to discover the richness of volunteer action and find volunteer opportunities that meet your aspirations!
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  • Réseau de l’action bénévole du Québec (RABQ)
    The Quebec Volunteer Action Network (RABQ) brings together 36 multisectoral members of volunteer action. 
    The RABQ is also:

the privileged interlocutor of the government in terms of voluntary action;

the spokesperson for its members on voluntary action;

the place for the promotion and development of a global vision of voluntary action;

a place of reference and support for volunteer action in Quebec.
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  • Réseau-bénévoles de Verdun
    Develops and supports a network of volunteers who work with seniors with a geriatric profile and from all cultural affiliations. This clientele has one or more temporary or permanent disabilities, the cause of which may be physical or social. In addition, the organization promotes social involvement and contributes to the social reintegration into the community of seniors.
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  • Services Bénévoles aux Aînés de Ville-Émard / Saint-Paul
    The mission of the Voluntary Services for Seniors of Ville-Émard / Saint-Paul is to help maintain, for as long as possible, people aged 65 and over who are losing their autonomy in their natural living environment. It translates into the following objectives: Break the isolation of the most vulnerable seniors, contribute to improving the quality of life of seniors and develop a network of volunteer assistance and community mutual aid.
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