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  • The first official meeting took place on March 2, 2004.

  • with Jocelyne Gourd of the RBV,  It was initiated by Élyse Cossette and Donald Lavergne from the CLSC,
  • Marc Paradis from the Dawson Youth Club, Johanne Blais from the CCAV and Nathalie Thifault from the OMHM.
  • Will join during the year: The SPVM neighborhood station 16 and Action-Surveillance-Verdun.
  • The name then chosen was: 
  • Consultation of resources for seniors of Verdun (CRAV)
During 2005-2007:
  • It was agreed that our mission would be to improve the quality and living conditions of Verdun seniors. Our objectives are to Inform, Sensitize and Promote the participation of seniors in our actions.
  • Our CLSC worker is Catherine St-Germain (until January 2010)
  • Joining the CRAV: CASA-CAFI, La Maisonnette du Sud-Ouest and Les Mammies Immigrantes pour le développement
    and Integration.
During 2007-2008:
  • We receive small donations (Ex: $200.00) per year for our information and awareness activities.
  • Will join the CRAV: senior citizens, including Gisèle Bernard from 2008 to 2015 and who will be President from 2010 to 2015.
  • Community work in Verdun was initiated by CRAV in 2008.
    To date, there have been 4 community workers (TM):
  • Alexandre Lavoie
  • Lilianne Gauthier (November 2010 to February 2011)
  • Philippe Matte (… March 2011)
  • Colombe Marcoux (April 2011 to November 2013)
  • Learn about the Work in the Middle project for seniors at ACHIM
  • Establishment of a committee to develop a TM project in Verdun: Catherine, Odette, Marc, Nathalie and Gisèle, spring 2008.
  • November 2008: SIRA grant application sent by ACHIM
  During 2009
  • April: SIRA grant awarded to the TM project in Verdun
  • SIRA / ACHIM/CRAV funding, obtained for 4 years, decreasing (April 2009 to March 2013),  with ACHIM as trustee. Clear agreement on each role (ACHIM = Christine Gourgue and Julie Sirois).
  • August :  Hiring of the first TM.
  • Management  TM = CRAV + ACHIM.   Establishment of a monitoring committee.
During 2010
  • SIRA funding (2nd year, descending)
  • René Frenette is our CLSC worker  (2010 to 2013)
  • March: Election of the first CA
  • March: New member: Verdun Economic Forum (CSASOV)
  • To our name, we add Table at the beginning:   CRAV becomes TCRAV
  • November: First General Regulations 
  • Search for funding to complete TM salary: Submit application Ville-MESS December 16, 2010
  • Application for Incorporation on December 20, 2010
  During 2011
  • TCRAV incorporated in January 2011.
  • SIRA funding (3rd year, descending)
  • Ville-MESS / Dawson/TCRAV funding granted ($16,000)
  • Signature of the City-MESS agreement,  February 24, 2011 between the Borough of Verdun and Dawson – Trustee of the TCRAV. Dawson = trustee of the TCRAV for one year.
  During 2012
  • SIRA funding (4th year, descending)
  • Ville-MESS / TCRAV funding (4th year) in the order of $16,000
  • Frame TM = TCRAV
  • April: Opening a Business account with Desjardins
    (City-MESS checks now go to the TCRAV)

During 2013
  • Ville-MESS / TCRAV funding (1st year) in the order of $16,000 for community work in Verdun
  • QADA/APV financing obtained by APV in the amount of $178,575 for the next three years (April 2013-March 2016)
  • Worker office transfer from VÉCSP (ACHIM) to Verdun (APV)
  • Supervision TM = Action Prévention Verdun
  • July: Miriam Rouleau-Perez is our CLSC worker, and is still with us in 2021.
  • October: Submission of a request for financial assistance of $40,000 to the SCLS by ACHIM (Monitoring committee: OMHM, TCRAV, CSSS) for a work in the community project in HLM in Verdun.
  • November: End of contract for the TM hired by APV, Colombe Marcoux.
  • Alain Vaillancourt, Borough Councilor Saint-Paul-Émard-Saint-Henri-Ouest, Acting Mayor Sud-Ouest Borough and member of several other organizations has always been involved in the various committees and events for seniors since the beginning of his first mandate in 2013. As an elected official, he contributes information, resources and his knowledge of seniors' issues to the Sud-Ouest borough. Social worker by training with more than 20 years of experience in a rehabilitation center where he worked mainly with seniors. He joined the Zoom aîné Sud-Ouest in 2020. His contribution also includes a  participation in various projects in the neighborhood and the southwest for seniors.
  During 2014
  • January: New TM for Elders at APV: Loovendson Civil
  • January: New member: Groupe des Aidants du Sud-Ouest.
  • April: Beginning of the annual membership dues of $20 (free for citizens)
  • New TM in HLM: Alain Métivier (2015 to 2018), paid and supervised by ACHIM
During 2015-2017
  • 2015: Resource person in the Verdun Borough: Guy Lacroix
  • Increased participation of Senior Citizens including: Ms. Jeannine Bourbonnais who will be a member of the Board and then an honorary member
    in 2018
  • 2016: Two new groups at the TCRAV: Entre-deux-âges and Manoir Frédérick-Johnson
  • 2017: Overhaul of the General Regulations.
  During 2018-2019
  • 2018: New TM in HLM: Sébastien Gagné.  (2018 to 2019)
  • 2018: A new group at the TCRAV: Move and live,
  • 2018: Increased participation of senior citizens including: Mr. Raymond L'Heureux who joins the Board in 2019
  • 2019: APV creates 2 new TM positions to help the work of  Loovendson.
  • Our deputy I. Melançon helps us financially in 2019.
During 2020-2021
  • Participation in the various activities associated with the COVID-19 pandemic whose health emergency has been declared
    March 13, 2020:
        ■ Face-to-face group activities organized by the CIUSSS and others are canceled until
         new order.
       ■ Permanent and mobile clinics are set up.
        ■ Preventive recommendations are communicated.
       ■ Measures to break isolation are introduced (Balconades, Projet Ensemble, Rencontres virtual, etc).
       ■ Collaboration in initiatives to commemorate our deceased (scarves and gardens of memory).
  • Development of a website for the TCRAV, including a common entry point with ROPASOM: '' AÎNÉS SUD-OUEST & VERDUN ''
Future ...
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