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ROPASOM  (Grouping of organizations for seniors and seniors of south-west of Montreal)

Mission, strategies, vision and values

The Association of organizations for seniors and seniors of southwestern Montreal operates in the neighborhoods of Petite Bourgogne, Pointe-Saint-Charles, Saint-Henri and Saint-Paul/Emard.


The ROPASOM (Grouping of organizations for seniors and seniors of south-west of Montreal) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life of seniors and seniors in the Southwest. Its goals are to help seniors to improve their living conditions by offering them services:

  • Support,

  • reference,

  • of information,

  • counselling,

  • of education.



ROPASOM carries out its mission:

  • through consultation with its members,

  • through projects, activities or tools that have been chosen according to the needs of seniors in the south-west territory, and for which no member has the capacity to meet them,

  • by raising awareness of the situation of seniors among the population, community organizations, institutions and the corporate environment.


ROPASOM wishes to enable people to understand, approach or experience active aging by becoming informed citizens, equipped and aware of their place in society.


  • Respect:

    • ideas, pace, availability, skills and state of health

    • in interpersonal communication

  • Listening: activates the needs and trends of the environment

  • Sharing: information, expertise and tools

  • Accountability: actors to enable them to take initiatives,  and assume their choices

  • Recognition: the place of seniors in society and the contribution of each to improving the quality of life of seniors

  • Openness: to novelty, creativity, analysis and diversity

  • Participation: social, citizen involvement and community contribution

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