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  • Balconnades
    Balconies are an ada conceptaccount of Italian culture. We started during the pandemic to counter the isolation of seniors, identify possible situations of vulnerability, provide information on the various resources, raise awareness of public health instructions and get things moving... in an atmosphere of benevolence with local musicians.
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  • Foulards de mémoire
    "Les Foulards de la Mémoire" is an assemblage of magnificently eclectic worksknitted, crocheted and  embroidered (by more than 125 knitters and embroiderers, volunteer citizens), commemorating the 251 seniors in the boroughs of Sud-Ouest and Verdun having sadly succumbed to the COVID in the CHSLDs of our neighborhoods.
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  • Projet Ensemble
    Let's help our isolated seniors together. The goal of our project is to break the isolation of seniors in the Sud-Ouest and Verdun area by creating support networks.The Ensemble Project is a collective co-construction resulting from a reflection of several partners concerned about the harmful impacts (mourning, loss of links, networks, mobility, autonomy, distress) of confinement in seniors isolated and vulnerable.
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