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ZOOM AînéEs en tournée Sud-Ouest et Verdun

The ZOOM AînéEs en tournée brings people together, in various seniors' residences, joined by virtual participants. It is a space, a moment, a planning of 7 meetings per year: February, March, April, May, September, October, November, animated by ROPASOM:


Where everyone is welcome, inclusive, welcoming

  • That leaves an important place and voice for seniors

  • Who does good, allows to break isolation, to participate, to feel useful

  • Who promotes the meeting and knowledge of the volunter forces of our community : senior citizens, stakeholders of organizations, institutions, elected officials... all at the same level... Equal

  • Which promotes mutual aid, collaborations... Going forward together

  • Which makes it possible to talk about needs and important issues affecting seniors and to think together best solutions, avenues,

  • in short, it is a volunteer community (we have members who do not have Internet or computer or tablet who participate by phone, when they want) ... we are not experts in zoom, but we manage for the most part and the important thing is that we have FUN and we COMMUNICATE!

Citizens and interveners from the neighbourhoods of Little Burgundy, Pointe-Saint-Charles, Saint-Henri and Saint-Paul/Émard and Verdun are particularly invited to participate in these meetings.

To participate in the ZOOM AînéEs en tournée in virtual mode, simply express your interest by sending us your contact information at the email address below and we will communicate as soon as possible the very simple connection process:

Our goal is to break our isolation and contaminate ourselves with creative ideas to act to counter boredom (unchosen loneliness, isolation, distress) among seniors.

… creative
… contaminate yourself positively!

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